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Football Tournament

18^ Edition
10/13 April 2020

18^ Edition
10/13 April 2020

Foto di piccoli giocatori che si contendono il pallone al Torneo dell'Adriatico Bambino che calcia la palla dentro al campo della Polisportiva Martorano Foto che rappresenta il Gioco di squadra e la dedizione delle squadre giovanili nei tornei Foto della tribuna del torneo giovanile dell'Adriatico Foto che rappresenta la passione e l'agonismo di questi giovani partecipanti del Torneo dell'Adriatico Foto Centro Sportivo e strutture della Polisportiva Martorano Calciatori alla ricerca della palla al Torneo dell'Adriatico Lo spettacolo delle fontane danzanti Foto del Romagna Centro Foto di una scivolata durante il Torneo Adriatico Foto di un portiere durante il Torneo Adriatico

Brochure 2019


18° Adriatico Football Tournament (10/13 April 2020)

The International Youth Football Tournament of Easter, organized by Accademia Calcio Cesena ASD in collaboration with Play Sport, is an event not to be missed during the Easter holidays. In 2018, 3700 people decided to spend the Easter period with us, demonstrating that Seriousness, Professionalism and Competence are the main ingredients of this Youth Soccer Tournament.

As in the last edition of the Adriatico Tournament, it will be exciting for athletes and parents to be able to experience the inauguration of the Tournament inside the Orogel Stadium "Dino Manuzzi": packed grandstands and marvelous Fireworks Show; the four days of the Tournament will be enlivened by the unique spring weather of the Romagna Riviera and by the fair play that has always characterized our Event. As many as 90 teams from all over Italy and from Switzerland and Canada participated in the 2019 edition; great enthusiasm of the winning teams, a few tears of disappointment for the losers but all enthusiastic about this tournament: in fact there have been numerous compliments and appreciations from athletes and families. The 2020 edition will take place from 10 to 13 April. Soon the new brochure will be available, in the meantime it is possible to consult the one of the last edition. Brochure link Keep following us on our website and on our facebook page to stay up to date on all our events. For any information do not hesitate to contact us: Accademia Calcio Cesena ASD: tornei@romagnacentro.it - Tel. 0547/385000 Fax 0547/632821
Play-Sport: info@play-sport.net - cell. 340-8502685 - 348-1202690 Tel. 0547/613347 Fax 0547/611375

Adriatico Football Tournament Schedule 2020

  • Friday 10 April: team arrival at the Accademia Calcio Cesena ASD for check-in of groups, delivery of courtesy material, delivery to the managers of the Tournament and Play Sport Card brochure; accommodation in Hotel / Holiday Home for dinner.
    Alle ore 14.30: start of the tournament;
    Alle ore 18.30: accommodation at the hotel for dinner.
  • Saturday 11 April: Continuation of the Tournament as scheduled. At 9.00 pm Opening Ceremony of the tournament with a parade of all participating clubs, National Hymns and Fireworks at the OROGEL STADIUM DINO MANUZZI in Cesena.
  • Sunday 12 April: Happy Easter! Continuation of the Tournament as scheduled, final phases and awards for some categories.
  • Monday, April 13: Final stages, followed by AWARDS (after each final, each category, prizes will be awarded to all athletes). Departure. The program may be subject to technical changes.

Sports organization

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Reservations and logistics

Roll of honour 2019

Allievi 2002:
Allievi 2003 Azzurro:
Allievi 2003 Bianco:
Giovanissimi 2004:
Giovanissimi 2005:
Esordienti 2006:
Esordienti 2007:

Pulcini 2008:
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Categories invited to the tournament

Admitted categories Born after the Players on the field Duration of playing times
Allievi (U17) 01/01/2003 - 14° anno 11x11 2x30 2 gare al giorno
Allievi B (U16) 01/01/2004 - 14° anno 11x11 2x30 2 gare al giorno
Giovanissimi (U15) ** 01/01/2005 - 31/12/2006 11x11 2x25 2 gare al giorno
Giovanissimi B (U14) ** 01/01/2006 - 31/12/2006 11x11 2x25 2 gare al giorno
Esordienti (U13) 01/01/2007 - 31/12/2007 9x9 2x20 2 gare al giorno
Esordienti B (U12) 01/01/2008 - 31/12/2008 9x9 2x20 2 gare al giorno
Pulcini 2°anno (U11) 01/01/2009 - 31/12/2009 7x7 2x15 2 gare al giorno
Pulcini 1°anno (U10) 01/01/2010 - 31/12/2010 7x7 2x15 2 gare al giorno
Primi Calci 2011/11/12 (U9) *** 01/01/2010 - fino al 6° anno compiuto 5x5 2x15 2 gare al giorno
Femminile Under 17 01/01/2003 11x11 2x30 2 gare al giorno
** You can use those born in 2007 who are 12 years old
*** It is possible to use those born in 2013 who turned 6 years old
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